Special Credit 

AVL finances debt secured by assets that are deemed esoteric or complex and have limited access to conventional financing sources.




$1MM — $50MM



    • Real estate
    • Payment rights
    • Luxury vehicles ($650.000+)
    • Intangible assets
      • Music royalties
      • Motion picture rights 
      • Trademarks
      • Gym membership fees
      • Other exclusive licenses/rights
      • Notes and certificates secured by the rights and revenues of the NFL, NBA or MLB


  • Public/government agencies
  • Agriculture 
  • Entertainment & Lifestyle
  • Sports 


    • Special/one-off business purpose requests 
    • Acquisitions
    • Lease financings
    • Multi-purpose line of credit (public/government agencies ONLY)
    • Partnering with GP’s to provide capital for expansion


    12-36 months




    Annual payments



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    California Department of Real Estate Corporate License: 01990644